Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to ride the bus?
ALL rides are $1.00. Discount packages (15 rides for $10) are available for purchase from the driver or the NECTD Office

Where can I get a schedule?
Schedules are available on all NECTD buses, NECTD Offices (125 Putnam Pike, Dayville) and at locations (medical offices, retail establishments, town halls and service agencies) throughout the service area. You can also download schedules on our Routes & Schedules page.

Where can I get on the bus? Do I have to be at a bus stop for the bus to pick me up/ drop me off?
The NECTD buses will pick up passengers at any safe location along a route if a designated bus stop is not within close proximity. Passengers can alert the driver from a safe location for a needed pick up by flagging/waving to the driver to stop. NECTD buses will drop off passengers at any safe location along the designated route. Please note that a driver will not stop the bus if the area requested is considered unsafe to either the passenger or surrounding traffic. Keep in mind if you wait for the bus at places other than stops designated by a sign or a bus shelter, it is sometimes difficult for the driver to tell the difference between a passenger and a person who is waiting to cross the street or just standing on a street corner. Be sure you are in a safe spot with enough room for the bus and other vehicles to see you. Please let the driver know your intentions by signaling to the bus by waving up and down with your arm extended. If it is dark out, please use a flashlight to ensure the driver sees you. Also, having your fare ready when you board the bus will help the driver to maintain the schedule.

I am traveling with a large group, will we all be able to ride together on one bus?
If you are traveling in a group larger than 10 it would be helpful if you called ahead (860-774-3902) to inform us of your trip. Please be advised that your party may not all fit onto one bus depending on capacity. Please note: NECTD does NOT provide charter type services.

Trips Involving More Than One Route and Transfers
Sometimes to get to your destination you will need to switch from one route to another. If you are making multi-route trip for the first time, the easy way to plan your trip is to ask for help! Call our dispatcher at (860) 774-3902. Additionally, there is no added fare for a transfer.

For elderly and disabled services may I request a particular driver or ask that another rider not go on my ride?
No. A customer may not refuse to ride with other customers nor request a specific driver. Buses will be dispatched according to efficiency and availability, not personal preference.

Do you operate on Weekends?
Yes. Please see our weekend schedule.

Do you operate on holidays?
Holiday closures are listed in the Closures section.

How late do buses operate?
Bus service on weekdays ends between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm, depending on the route. On weekends the service ends at approximately 1:00 p.m.

How early do buses operate?
Bus service begins between 7:00 am and 7:30 am, depending on the route and ride requests. Give us a call to determine if we can accommodate your schedule. How often do the buses run? Buses are scheduled to return to each stop at the same time each hour. For example: 9:15, 10:15, 11:15.

Does the bus connect public transit to the south (Norwich)?

Does the bus connect to public transit to the north (Webster/Worcester)?

Does the bus connect to public transit in Rhode Island (Providence)?

Is there any commercial bus connection available?
No. The commercial bus service operating between Providence and Hartford stops in Brooklyn (at the correctional facility) but is outside of our bus service.

Can I take my bike on the bus?
Yes. All buses carry up to two bikes. Bicycles may also be brought in the bus if necessary and if space is available. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their own bicycles. See the Bikes on Buses section.

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?
Yes. All NECTD are 100% Americans With Disabilities Act Accessible -- each NECTD bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift to accommodate “Common Wheelchairs” (48” x 30”) and can handle most other types of mobility devices - including scooters. It is best to check with us prior to your trip if your device is larger than the common wheelchair size to ensure that we can safely place it on the bus.

Can I bring portable oxygen on the bus?
Yes. For safety reasons, it is the policy of NECTD to require the rider to maintain control of the oxygen bottle. If the rider cannot pull an oxygen bottle cart or carry or maintain control of the bottle by himself or herself, then the rider is required to provide a Personal Care Attendant to perform those functions. When choosing to ride NECTD, it is the responsibility of the rider to select a size of an oxygen bottle that they can control.

Can I take my pet on the bus?
Pets must be confined to a carry on, lap-size box. Dogs and cats must be current on their rabies vaccination and all dogs must be licensed.

Can I take a stroller on the bus?
Yes. Strollers must folded (prior to entering the bus) and kept out of the aisles.

Is there a limit to what I may carry on the bus?
Passengers are allowed to carryon as many packages as they can transport in one trip. (Please note: hazardous materials or firearms are not allowed.) The driver is not permitted to assist with the loading and unloading of packages. Customers (or companions) are responsible for getting packages in to their destination.

Does NECTD have a lost and found?
Yes. Items found on a bus are kept for one month. Call 860-774-3902 for more information.

How does a passenger comment to NECTD?
We can only resolve problems if we are informed, so please call. Should a passenger have questions or complaints about service, the NECTD dispatcher can assist at 860-774-3902. If a complaint is not resolved to a passenger's satisfaction within five working days, please call again and request the Transit Director.