Advertising with NECTD

NECTD allows the sale of bus advertising as a means of generating operating revenue that can be used to fund NECTD's programs and services, leverage grant funding and limit the need for additional public subsidy while providing a service to businesses and consumers.

Advertising Rates:

Side of Bus: $75 per month
Rear of Bus: $100 per month

Advertising Agreement (PDF)

Customer is responsible for advertising decals, including their application and removal. NECTD will not accept or display bus sign advertising which:

  • Is clearly false, misleading, deceptive or slanderous.
  • Relates to an illegal activity.
  • Is explicit sexual material or obscene material as these terms are defined by the courts.
  • Promotes alcohol use unless clearly denotes using a designated driver or some other form of drinking responsibly.
  • Advertises tobacco products.
  • Advocates or opposes an issue or cause, religion or belief.
  • Depicts violence or antisocial behavior.
  • Subjects individuals or groups of people to public ridicule or embarrassment.
  • Includes language which is obscene, vulgar, profane or lewd.
  • Any other advertising display deemed unacceptable by NECTD.

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