Mobility Devices

Most, but not all wheelchairs and similar mobility devices will fit on NECTD buses. Buses may not be able to handle devices that are more than 30 inches wide and 48 inches long, or that weigh more than 600 pounds when in use. It is best to check with NECTD before scheduling a ride.

Your mobility device may be considered unsafe if it cannot be secured, if the wheels or other parts are broken, if the brakes do not hold the wheels securely, or if a power wheelchair has a dead battery and cannot be moved without considerable effort by the driver.

Rider Tips

  • All mobility devices must be in good working condition.
  • If you require assistance from a personal care attendant to use NECTD, that person can ride with you free of charge.
  • Guests (friends, relatives, or companions other than your personal care attendant) pay the same fare as NECTD riders.

Wheelchairs which cannot be properly secured (i.e. three-wheeled scooters) will be accommodated so long as they meet the size and weight restrictions above and fit within the securement area.

An individual using a wheelchair may transfer to a regular seat on the vehicle so long as they are able to accomplish the transfer independently or with the assistance of a personal care attendant. Drivers will not lift passengers.

Lift Use Policy

NECTD strongly recommends that persons who wish to use the lift to board do so only when seated in a wheelchair. Persons who do not use wheelchairs but wish to use the lift to board or de-board the vehicle must inform the dispatcher when scheduling service. This is necessary for vehicle scheduling considerations. Also, if requested in advance, NECTD will provide a manual wheelchair for use when riding the lift.